Founder: Roy Wise

A designer and problem solver, Roy has been working across many industries for years. This venture is aimed to bring you the best products and ideas to make your life at home fantastic, functional and fun.

Home Magic

Home Magic loves the Home. We want to bring the magic to every area of home. We strategically source and improve existing products that people enjoy, and design brand new products, for global release.

Products We Love

We love leaders such as who regularly curate wonderful and creative designs for home and garden. Click here for some that we have come across and love.


Fashionably Attractive

find your inner peace

We love finding ways to enhance our lifestyle, through attractive décor or great gadgets that make life easier or are just plain attractive.

Where ever it might be useful in the home, we are seeking out good ideas and aim to source them and bring them to you.

It is just fantastic when you order something and it arrives and you are surprised that it does everything promised but is even better than expected. At Home Magic, we aim to work to make this magic happen in your home.

The Kitchen is a place of love and laughter

Sometimes the kitchen is lacking. But it is a canvas to be coloured, filled, embraced. When done well a great kitchen brings pleasure everytime you are there, alone AND with your family and friends.

Home Magic is not a wizard, but we do expect to assist with great ideas and products that can help make it that way.

Kitchen Canvas