Great Products

At Home Magic World, we are always fascinated by great products. Things that we would love to have in households, to enjoy looking at, holding, and using.

On this page, we have collected some products that are new to market or yet to be released. Browse and come back often as the plan is to continually add more as we discover them. If you have discovered something you think is worthy to be on this page, let us know at our Contact page, or on Facebook.

Luxury Food Containers

with beautiful brushed steel lids

These are our own product and now available on Click here.
Most of us (probably everyone) has had plastic food containers, but oils are hard to clean off plastic and they just feel inferior to glass. So the feel of glass brings a sense of solidness, and a great feel on the fingers. But when this is combined with the beauty of brushed stainless steel on the lids, you get to the level of a luxury feel and luxury look.

Smart Living (light sensor)

Check out Smart Living as a Service on #indiegogo!

The concept is great, although we don’t like that cusotmers need to subscribe to ongoing payments to use all the features.

NEBIA Spa Shower 2

At Home Magic Global we love form and function. The NEBIA Spa Shower 2.0 has great function. This KickStarter project claims to reduce the average water usage by almost 2/3rds, while actually giving the person a warmer shower and better rinsing effect. We havent tested one, but conceptually very impressive.

Reviv – weighted blanket

Check out Reviv: The Smart and Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket on #indiegogo!

KitchenAid Mixers

We love the KitchenAid mixer range. They look beautiful and also function superbly. For example:

Beautiful design, superb function